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White-Tail Deer
Guided Hunts Only

Click Here For Short Bow Hunting Flash Video!

License Cost
Rifle Lottery - $250
Bow Guaranteed - $250
* Applications should be completed by June 1st.
Rifle application assistance is available.

Hunting/Lodging Rates
Includes 6 nights - 5 days
These rates do not include the cost of a license.

$3500 per Hunt
$500 Trophy Fee of over 150 B&C or over

$2500 Hunt fee
$1000 Kill fee
Total Kill fee: $3,500
$500 Trophy Fee on 150 P&Y or over.

While hunting here if you kill, wound, miss, or pass up a legal animal, our obligation to you has been fulfilled. Your hunt will continue if you miss or pass up an animal but your hunt will not be discounted in price.

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